Belleek Porcelain Chinese Tea Urn

November 2, 2022 Dobesh Appraisal

Introduction to Dobesh Appraisal

If you need an appraisal of antique porcelains, Portland appraiser Jerry L. Dobesh, ASA, of Dobesh Appraisal, can help.  Jerry has been active in the antiques business, full time, for over 40 years.  Jerry performs appraisals of antique porcelains, fine art, furniture, decorative artworks, silver, glass, firearms, samurai swords, and a wide range of personal property.  I worked at the Portland auction house O’Gallerie for most of the 1990’s.  Looking back, one of my favorite consignments was the opportunity to sell a fantastic collection of Irish Belleek porcelain in the summer of 1996.

Belleek Porcelain Tea Urn at O’Gallerie Auction in Portland in 1996

Perhaps the piece that attracted the most attention at that sale was the large size Belleek Chinese Tea Urn on stand.  It dated to the first period of Belleek (1863 – 1890). Chinese tea urns were hand painted, and there was significant variation in the amount of detail and coloration that urns can be found in.  This particular urn featured sea green painted dragons that were covered in a rose tinted glossy overglaze.  The wings were in matte chocolate glaze, and it was finely detailed in gilt.  The woven handle was original.  This urn was particularly well marked underneath with both a first style black mark, an impressed first style mark, and a British registry mark.  Mr. Richard K. Degenhardt, who at the time was considered the world’s foremost authority on Belleek shared that he considered it “the finest Chinese tea urn he had ever seen, including those in the Irish National Museum”.  At 14 inches in height, it has always been one of the most impressive and sought after of Belleek’s early pieces to collectors.

Belleek Porcelain is from from Belleek, County Fermanagh, in Northern Ireland.  The pottery was founded circa 1858 by Mr. John Caldwell Bloomfield in partnership with Mr. Robert Williams Armstrong and Mr. David McBirney.  Beginning circa 1863 they began producing examples of the fine quality parian ware that Belleek became so well known for.

Belleek Chinese Tea Urn on Stand

The Columbia Chapter of the Belleek Collector’s International Society is active here in Portland.  We have meetings about four times a year.  If you have an interest in Belleek porcelain, you can contact them at Columbia Chapter BCIS.

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