Appraising antiques, guns and firearms in Portland, Oregon

July 21, 2020 Dobesh Appraisal

When you’re looking for a good antiques appraiser in Portland, Oregon, Dobesh Appraisal is here to help.  I’ve been in  the antiques business full time for over 40 years.  I specialize in estate appraisals for estates and trusts.  I regularly perform antiques appraisals for insurance coverage, or for a loss claim.  I also perform appraisals for charitable donations; and for equitable distribution, both for dissolution of marriage (divorce) and for dividing items among family.  Sometimes, I have clients who just simply want to know what they have.  This is perfect too.

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Appraising antiques over the years

I’ve appraised a wide variety of property over the years.  Over the years, I’ve valued antique furniture from the 16thcentury up through mid – century modern and contemporary pieces, antique glasswares and contemporary art glass, fine porcelains, silver from the 17th century through today, rugs and carpets, and things as varied as Egyptian scarabs to the smokestacks of an early U.S. Battleship.

Appraising firearms and weapons

Firearms and weapons are an area that I’ve had a long of experience with valuing.  I dealt in antique guns for several years before working at an auction house, where part of my duties included being director of the firearms department.  If you have guns that you need to have appraised, I have the experience to understand what they are, and what the various markets are for them.  I’ve valued a wide range of weapons over the years, from all manner of hunting rifles and shotguns, to Colt revolvers and Winchester rifles from the American West, to machine guns from WWII, to a 17th century crossbow, and even a pair of 18th century Burmese cannon.  

Appraising war relics and military souvenirs

War relics and military souvenirs from the Revolutionary War through the Civil War, both World Wars, Vietnam, and even our conflicts of the last twenty years, can be significantly valuable.  While the perhaps the most common mementos from service may be a uniform, insignias, helmets, or a bayonet, the souvenirs from past enemies can be exceptionally valuable.  

Small or unassuming items, designed for use and not for saving, are often highly sought after by collectors.  The ‘crickets’ used by Airborne troops to communicate during the D-Day invasion were carried by every soldier, but are rarely seen today.  The history of a specific item can have a large impact on its value.  Even a standard issue jacket or cap, that was worn by a member of a famous unit or used at what became a famous event, can be exceptionally desirable to collectors when that history is documented.

WWII German daggers, swords, uniforms, medals, and even insignia are often surprisingly expensive.  Japanese Samurai swords are something that I’ve had a long interest in, and I’ve valued many over the years.  Japanese samurai swords brought home after WWII can range from machine made issued weapons to National Treasures of Japan.  

 Do you need an appraisal?

Do you need an appraisal insure your antiques?  A credible appraisal with accurate and current value conclusions will be helpful in determining accurate replacement value coverage.

Or perhaps you’re downsizing, and trying to divide things that it’s time to let go of fairly amongst your children, but you’re not sure if your Grandmother’s Victrola is a rare special ordered piece, or was simply repainted over the years to match a room.   

Or did you just inherit family heirlooms, but you don’t know much about them, and you have no idea what they’re worth?   Choosing an appraiser that has the experience to know quality is important.  

When you want to know what your antiques are worth, and you want someone you can trust, contact me to schedule an appointment, or give me a call.

Appraising is my only business

I am not a dealer.  I am not an estate liquidator.  I will not buy your property, or sell it on consignment.  I have the knowledge and experience to understand what you have.  Over the years, I’ve developed a group of other experts that I can rely on when needed.  You will receive professional objectivity without conflict of interest.

My fees are based on my time spent, or an agreed flat fee.  They are never based on the value of the items.  My sole interest is to provide you with an accurate, well supported, and unbiased appraisal.

Forty years of appraisal experience

I have been in the antiques field for over 40 years, first as a dealer, then an auction house evaluator/appraiser, and finally as an independent appraiser.  I specialize in antiques & decorative arts, and am an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) with the American Society of Appraisers.  

Prior to founding Dobesh Appraisal, I spent over a decade as a full-time dealer, working throughout most of the United States and Canada.  Then, I worked as an auction house evaluator/appraiser, where I consigned, estimated, and sold a wide range of antiques, firearms, collectibles, and decorative and fine artworks.  I served as the director of both the fine art and firearms departments.  As an independent appraiser, I provide trusted appraisals for estates, trusts, insurance, charitable contribution, and other needs.  My reports are USPAP compliant, and meet the 2020 IRS Qualified Appraiser/Qualified Appraisal requirements.

While the majority of my appraisal and consultation takes place here in the Portland and Vancouver metro area, every year I travel statewide, including Bend, Salem, and the Oregon Coast.  I am happy to travel as needed, and I regularly work in Washington State, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Over the past 40 years, I’ve worked in every state except for Alaska and Hawaii.